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We get you the best of…
Polycom UC Intelligent Core
Polycom Video Collaboration
Polycom Voice Conferencing
Elastix Open Source VOIP Solutions
Digium Asterisk
Grandstream innovative IP voice &Video
Microsoft Exchange\Lync
Microsoft Office 365
Infrastructure Solutions
Fortinet Multi-Threat Security Systems
VMWare visualization solutions
Call center solutions

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What is SIP ?
Session initiation protocol. SIP controls real-time multimedia comm sessions. The protocols create, modify and terminate these sessions between groups
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Why Purchase Polycom support services
from Arkan?
That’s because all of our service options are designed to provide the right
level of assistance and technical expertise when you need it, where you
need it.
You will have:
Software Upgrade and Updates.
Telephone Support during the day.
Access to Online Support Tools.
Advance Parts Replacement.
We are committed to providing consistent, world-class service to help ensure you get the most from your Polycom solution. Once again, welcome to Polycom & Arkan Global Services and thank you for entrusting us to support your VC solution.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

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RealPresence Trio

First smart hub for group collaboration transforming the iconic three-point conference phone into voice, video and content sharing system that can fit in any team environment.

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Our goal is to help you unleash the power of collaboration by providing a superior user experience, technology that's easily integrated into your business and the flexibility you need.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

7 Reasons Customers Choose Polycom Video Conferencing
Open and Inter-operable
Communication technologies should bring people together – not keep them apart. We live in a world of multi-vendor environments where interoperability is critical. In a recent global survey of nearly 5,000 enterprise users of video, 60% of respondents said they "primarily use" more than one vendor's equipment or software to videoconference; 32% use three or more. What you don't want is a bunch of video islands separated by unbridgeable technologies.
"It's unrealistic to expect every client to use the same brand of telepresence system. But with Polycom, it doesn't matter. You can connect to anybody."
- Keith Rutherford, Partner and Co-Founder, Wong Cabello
We work with our partners to deliver interoperable solutions that leverage and protect existing IT investments, and to ensure that Polycom RealPresence Voice and Video Solutions interoperate with the most popular business tools and common UC environments.
"With its standards-based approach, Polycom opens doors that would have been closed with other systems."
- Roger Whitlock, Dean, Workforce Education and Development Program, East Central Community College

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

7 Reasons Customers Choose Polycom Video Conferencing

Easy to Use

For video collaboration to become ubiquitous, systems need to be easy to use and manage. And they need to deliver great experiences across every work environment, from immersive theater to conference room to work and home office to mobile video on a tablet or smartphone.

"Polycom's video conferencing solutions are at the core of our business. They are so simple to use, with such intuitive user interfaces, it allows us to focus on recruiting the best physicians, instead of recruiting technologists."
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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

We hope you had a successful 2015 and as you ramp up for 2016, we have some exciting news to share with you. In fact, it’s more than exciting, it’s an industry-first!
This year, your organisation can extend enterprise-grade video collaboration to anyone, across Facebook, Google Talk and Skype with Polycom® RealPresence® CloudAXIS™.
2016 can be the year you free your employees to collaborate anyway they want - independent of application, system or device. For a sneak peek at what this could mean to your business, watch the video.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Benefits of going to the cloud
Recognizing the business benefits of moving telephony to the cloud


Lower upfront and ongoing costs
No need for your business to purchase costly equipment such as an IP private branch exchange (PBX) or to upgrade the data network to support VoIP (Voice over IP) communications.

Maintenance is the hosted provider’s responsibility
Your company reaps the benefits of hassle-free communications and lower IT costs.

Cost control for traveling staff and telecommuters
Drastically simplify the telecommunications system and reduce the costs involved with employees who travel or work remotely.

Typical lifetime savings of 30-50%, with full payback in 12-18 months.

Experience an 18% savings in maintenance costs over 36 months and easily adjust services and applications along the way.

On average, 7% of North American SMBs let their staff telecommute at least one day per week. Allowing telecommuting can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 25%.
Telecommuters are 20% more productive than those that commute into work.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Why are businesses choosing cloud telephony?
• Stop managing equipment and start managing your business
• More flexible to scale with the needs of your workforce
• Brings all the latest communication and collaboration features for a low, flat-fee
• Easy to integrate, easy to use and easy to manage
• Feature-rich, highly reliable, and highly available.

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Monday, 18 January 2016

Over 5 million small and medium sized businesses
in North America have already made the switch to cloud-based telephony.
The switch is occurring rapidly and growing at over 27% per year.
62% of North American and European businesses plan to move their telephony platforms to the cloud.
The combined business and residential market for voice
services is expected to reach more than $82 billion by 2017.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016